With the exclusive Box collection, we set down the Made in Italy design and quality in capacious containers. In Box, Fruit Box, Basic Box and Personal Box: four ranges conceived and designed to contain, archive and arrange objects, files and documents. Versatility and practicality make our cabinets a system capable of organizing and optimizing spaces.


The Inbox storage units, available in a range of colors, are made from epoxy-powder coated sheet-steel. Drawer fronts and cabinet…

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Fruit Box

Fruit box is a collection of storage boxes with a contemporary design. Various units are available: open-fronted, open-fronted…

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Basic Box

Basic Box offers a wide range of modular customizable units providing a leading-edge solution to all your filing and storage…

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Personal Box

Personal Box is the range of pedestal cabinets designed to organize documents and filing in the best way possible. Each cabinet is made…

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C.O - CO.d
A rational vision of the work environment for spaces that contain thoughts and actions. Functionality is the main inspiration for the range of storage units. Modularity meets the aesthetical needs of every space.
C.O. and CO.d. are two collections of storage units designed to accessorize office and executive furniture. The paneled support structures, fine wood or glass doors, wooden tops and cladding, and skirting all combine to make this a stylish collection of extremely functional storageunits
Our storage units have various dimensions, each for a precise storage purpose. The wide range of available accessories provides for maximum flexibility of internal fit-out: from pull-out filing frames with anti-tilt system to removable shelves with file holders.
storage units can be fitted together and unified with side panels and one-piece tops. The base can be filled with a skirting that is easy to level, even once the cabinet is already assembled. Elegant horizontal handles provide