Open to every possibility

Discreet, elegant, never bulky and always safe, the FAAC range of automatic doors offers infinite solutions, all based on the technological innovation that has always set FAAC products apart in the world of automation. The FAAC automatic door models have been designed to facilitate transit, but that’s not all. They also take up minimal space, and are extremely silent and adaptable

Functionality and so much more

Opening a door unnecessarily wastes energy when the external and internal climate conditions are very different. The A1400 AIR automatic door is equipped with the innovative ENERGY SAVING system that reduces heat exchange to a minimum. This automated solution recognises when people wish to enter when they approach the door, preventing the constant opening and closing, activating the door only when actually necessary. When combined with the AIRSLIDE system, the special air curtain integrated in the door ensures greater insulation between the indoor and outdoor environment, while also providing protection from dust, pollution and insects

Perfection in every respect

From safety to energy savings, everything is automatic. All FAAC solutions for automatic doors comply with EN16005, but that’s not all. They are technologically advanced both in terms of safety and energy savings.

Open to any requirement

Technology and harmony are finally in step with one another. When you need a sliding door and require high aesthetic standards, there is only one choice: the A1000 automatic door is able to meet any architectural requirement, and at the same time guarantee the superior levels of performance and reliability offered by a FAAC solution. When space is limited and a sliding door is not feasible, FAAC offers two types of automatic door: SF1400 and GBF1500/1600. SF1400 is a folding door which enables all of the passage opening available to be used, and is also ideal for escape routes. As such, the features of this door render it suitable for all high traffic locations. The guides, which can be fixed directly to the existing floor without having to modify it, make the GBF1600 quick and easy to install. In addition, the floor-embedded guides of the GBF1500 ensure greater strength and allow even large leaves to be moved in complete safety. When you need to automate any type of swing door – even the heaviest and most difficult models, FAAC has drawn upon the technological expertise and innovation that have characterised the company for more than 50 years. The ability to open the door both outwards and inwards and the array of adjustment functions make the 950N2 and A951 the ideal automated solutions for all swing doors.

FAAC provides automation systems for pre-existing doors along with full door solutions which can satisfy all architectural and stylistic needs.


A1400 AIR