Thanks to its functional and aesthetic characteristics, demountable partition systems do not only fulfil the main role of a workplace to be high performant and efficient only, but it also responds to the increasing need of being comfortable and creative

Our Wall partition systems do make part of such modern age of work environment, but it also leads it through a combination of creative designs and advanced technology solutions.

A wide range of models

Our wall partitions are available in a series of different modules that can be adapted to projects requirements:

AP45, AP60 , P500, P660 and P900. Each system has its own features, although all of them have common characteristics.

All of our models can be fitted with glass doors and / or solid doors according to the need.

A single glass panel, double glass or even triple glass panels can be used with our aluminum profiles.

A silicone free structures

Our revolutionary systems use only dry polycarbonate / silicone free joints, which enables reinforcing of the mechanical resistance of the structure and avoiding the unattractive look of the ordinary silicone. Whether on the corners or in the intersections, we have always the best solution to make strong but looks perfect at the same time.

Complete transparency

Thanks to the two adhesive way-see through polycarbonate joints used between glass panels and in the corners, our partitions allows a complete transparency, resulting in a bright environment characterized by visual continuity and  daylight penetration and circulation.


Based on the tailor made concept for the glass elements, our partitions make it possible to adapt to existing layout and design requirements.

P500 module for example can be combined with AP45 perfectly to offer the widest possible range of technical solutions, both in terms of flexibility of use and aesthetics.

Our new AP 60 module:

It is the latest module designed by our team, an innovative profile that can house single glazed, and double glazed panels, which creates a harmony and coherence of sight / view and a perfect versatility needed in our  contemporary work environment.

High acoustic performance

Clearly one of the most important criteria of any partition is the sound isolation. A perfect sound proofing is guaranteed  by using double or triple glass panels that our profiles house, or by using insulating materials in case of solid panels. Our polycarbonate joints profiles can be very helpful in this regard as well.

Our partition systems can reach up to 48 Mb using our AP60 double glazed or P900 double glazed as well.


Although transparency is fully guaranteed using our wall partitions, but you can have your own office partially or even completely private by treating the glass surface whether using silk-screening films or sandblasting

Some models offer an additional privacy solution by inserting blinds in the cavity between glass panels. Using solid panels with our profiles is the typical way to have complete privacy.

Your unique identity

Your wall can become a sort of “media element” and a tool to express your organization identity by printing your

own design, Logo, Name and color you want. All of our partition can support such solutions and grant this advantage.